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High security with RC3 certification for the new generation of ALUMIL’s hinged systems

ALUMIL's advanced hinged systems SMARTIA S67, SUPREME S77 & SUPREME S91 stand out for their multiple advantages regarding design and performance, especially for their high thermal insulation, making them the ideal choice for the energy-efficiency upgrade of buildings. Particularly, SMARTIA S67 is available in three different energy efficiency versions (standard, advanced, high) and the systems SUPREME S77 & SUPREME S91 are certified for use in passive house buildings by the world-renowned Passive House Institute (PHI). Notably, SUPREME S91 was the first aluminium system in Greece certified for passive house buildings by the PHI.

In addition to the excellent performance against any weather condition, ALUMIL's advanced hinged systems have recently been certified for burglar resistance at level RC3, making them highly resistant to burglar attacks.

The RC3 certification ensures that the majority of burglars using a variety of tools such as drills, knives, all kinds of saws, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches, wedges, etc., will encounter great difficulty in trying to break-in.

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