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Performance Management System

A continuous and participatory process which aims to the maximization of performance of the employees and through this, the general performance of ALUMIL. The PMS is connected with the everyday actions and behaviours that the employees adopt in order for them to have a common perception regarding to what should be achieved and how. In order for the employees to improve their performance, they should have a common conviction of what performance (and success) in their work means, whether it is duties or expected results or behaviours, or a combination of all the above, so that they achieve the results their role requires. These should be clarified and agreed with the employees, so that they are aware of the aim of their work. The existence of the system proves ALUMIL's support in fair and objective procedures.      
PMS is:

  • Clarification of the roles and supervisor’s demands from each subordinate
  • Continuous attention and guidance for each employee
  • Establishment of a fair system that measures the performance
  • Connection between the employee’s performance and the variable part of the salary
  • Sense of trust, security, fairness and professionalism in the workplace


We enable students to practice in order to develop their skills and gain experience and knowledge that will help them in their later professional development. Those students who wish to do their practice in our company should send us their CV and a cover letter in consultation with the educational institutions that attend.

Equal Opportunity Employer

ALUMIL is an equal opportunity employer. All employees and candidates have the same treatment, irrespective of religion, age, gender, nationality, origin, race, disability, marital status, sexual preference, height, weight or any other characteristic. The same principles are governed by all employment-related conditions, such as recruitment, evaluation, assignments, promotions, etc.