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AlumilCal fenestration industry software


Whether you want to increase productivity and profitability of your fabrication unit, accelerate sales of your company or gain a competitive advantage, AlumilCal is the solution that will help you grow.
AlumilCal® is a complete processing and production software tool for the fenestration industry. It increases productivity and profitability of fabrication units.

How it works

Design, functionality and menu navigation of AlumilCal® has been tailored to suit the needs of window, door and curtain wall fabricators. AlumilCal® enables easily understandable and repeatable estimations, is optimally suited for manufacturing orders including production plans, generates order proposals and provides support from quotation to invoicing. AlumilCal® is very fast and offers the utmost in perfection. Of course, interfaces for all commonly used data formats from production and subsequent processing are available. However, that is not all. AlumilCal® is smart. All data entries are automatically checked for plausibility to avoid entry errors. All calculation functions aim at saving time, material and money.

Available Features

Features that work for you / Overcome challenges with comprehensive solutions
A summary of key AlumilCal® functions are:

  • Cost Estimations and Analysis
  • Detailed Material Analysis
  • U-value reports and CE documentation
  • Big Variety of work preparation reports
  • Quotation reports and mark up options to create quotations
  • Assembly Lists
  • Cutting Lists (General and Optimized to minimum wastage)
  • Optimization based on standard Alumil Profiles and also on special lengths
  • Connection with Saw Machines (Emmegi, Elumatec, ABCD Logika, Altech, Beckhoff, BJM, Deman, Elsele, Exenso, FBUSONL, Ferro, Fimtec, FOM, Hencht, Italmac, Kaban, Kaltenbach, La2360, LGF Gamma, Mecal, Murat, Oemme, Ozgenc, Oztum, Pertici, Rapid, Razor, Risus, Rotox, S1000, Schueco, Tekna, Tigerstop, TPS, Wegoma, WH, Winkhaus, Yilmaz, Zadat, Ozcelik)
  • Connection with CNC Machines (Abakus, Alufab, BDM, BJM, CamQuix, DSTV, Deman, Dubus, EluCad, Elumatec, Emmegi, Fischer, Italcam, Italmac, Mecal, Mubea, NC-X, Rotox, SchueCam, Scueco)
  • Barcode and Label printing
  • Cross section while editing positions
  • Detailed cross section reports for documentation and fabrication
  • 2D Optimization for both glass and panels optimization
  • Implemented CAD (2D) module
  • Implemented Word Processor
  • Interface connection with Excel spreadsheets
  • Interface to connect Autodesk Autocad™
  • Drawing Export do dwg, dxf format
  • System and User Libraries
  • Structural Analysis (Individual beam statics, Glass statics, statics while editing positions etc)
  • Internet updates with latest pricelists and Alumil solutions
  • Option to work on local network and multiple workstations