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Z House


The creation of a residence in a location with strong natural element is always a big challenge. On an olive grove of the northeastern side of Corfu Island, this challenge became an opportunity to design a house that is in line with its exterior and inspires with its minimal lines.


Z House provided the architect Maria Doxa the perfect “canvas” to “paint” a villa using the “colors” of Corfu hills and Ionian Sea. In the structure of the building, three long volumes stand out. The lower stone volume is at the back of the site and retains the inclination of the surface. The two other smaller volumes complement the stone - the one over it and the other in front of it - forming the construction, so as to create the Z shape that named the project. It is worth noting that the building is designed in such a way that the movement inside it follows this Ζ shape, just as the wind follows the same Z “visiting” the hill through the coast.
Looking at the Z House from afar, it seems like someone planted it inside this olive grove, in the most friendly and respectful way towards the external environment. One of the first impressive elements of Z House is its swimming pool. Its water level reaches the limit of the hill  and while viewing it from the interior it creates a visual continuity between the pool water and the sea. 
Another element, characteristic of Z House, is its spectacularly wide sliding patio doors at the ground level, which provide a sense of unity between the internal and external environment and reinforce the natural lighting of the residence and the unparalleled view to the sea. On the interior of the house, the simplicity and the straight lines offer the required calmness. The different materials are combined with each other in the most harmonious way. From the concrete wall surfaces of the upper floor to the several wooden details, everything is in line with the initial vision of minimalism and relaxation. 

Z House is a modern residence that combines comfort with simplicity and contemporary design with the natural scenery. This is a high standards building which at the core of its design has the human element and its interaction with nature.


Architect: Maria Doxa

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