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Private Residence in Politeia


The charming aura of the past is the only element preserved in the extensive renovation of a 1967 residence. Stone walls, a tile roof, and large floor-to-ceiling openings composed the image of the ground floor house in the Politeia region before the renovation. The influences from the modern architecture of the period, combined with elements that resemble a "farmhouse" or country house, are evident. The new residence should retain the subtle charm of the past. As a tribute to the great masters of modern Greek architecture, a completely modern home was designed, capable of meeting all the functional needs of its residents while creating a peaceful and warm refuge from the tension of everyday life. The stone walls are redesigned in new engravings in order to approach the abstract geometry and purity that characterizes the work of Aris Konstantinidis. The interiors are rearranged to reflect the personal residence of I. Despotopoulos. In the daily life of the residents, the "privacy barrier" is lifted and allows the creation of a unified field, where private and public spaces are linked in a functional and visual continuity. The respect for the past and the Athenian urban tradition, the warmth of the materials, and the clarity of the design form the vision of a contemporary residence. 


Alumil products have played a vital role in the construction of a modern residence, which is pleasant and cozy, and embraces the past with respect while anticipating the future. More specifically, the SMARTIA M11000 tilt & turn thermally insulated system, with enhanced performance, was the ideal choice to meet the needs of this building perfectly.  The integration of indoor-outdoor space was achieved by installing modern and flexible SMARTIA S450 sliding systems. Also, the lift & slide SUPREME S650 is the perfect choice for covering wide spans while meeting the high aesthetic requirements of the owners. 

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