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Central Park Residence


The need for luxury living apartments at the heart of Nicosia’s business center was what guided the design and construction of this multi-story tower, built in Evagorou street. 


Nicosia is a vivid city with a rich business activity. As the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, it attracts a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs. These people have a fast lifestyle and they want to be at the heart of everything new at any moment. 

Central Park Residence is a spectacular residency building  in an upmarket area of the city, that incorporates all the elements that a citizen of the world needs in his/her daily life. The architectural design of Moshe Zur and Vafeiades & Vafeiades architects brings an air of superiority to the 20-story building. Sharp edges, glass and concrete create this unique mix providing a harmonious result with a modern aesthetic value. The energy efficiency of the tower was a top priority, therefore it was selected a high-performance curtain wall, which also enhances the natural light.  

Each apartment follows the same philosophy as the whole construction. The large openings emphasize the sense of exclusivity and offer unobstructed view, allowing the daylight to enter the interior. Furthermore, the premium quality thermally insulated aluminium systems combine the contemporary design with high security and sound insulation levels, providing the privacy that is a prerequisite for a luxury apartment.   

The tower offers two and three-bedroom flats that are characterized by sophisticated elegance. The interior of the fully equipped residencies has a modern and minimal style, without compromising the elite living standards. The spaces give the sense of unification, but at the same time they can contribute to isolation – if this is desirable. Lastly, heading to the veranda that overlooks the city, the outstanding view underlines the significance of the location, offering precious moments of relaxation at the end of a long day. 

Central Park Residence is not only an apartment building. It is a new landmark for Nicosia, highlighting its essential role as a crossroad of the economic and business activities in the wider region. 


Architects: Moshe Zur and Vafeiades & Vafeiades

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