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Al Jawharah Tower


The main elements of the architectural design conception are elegant contemporary style, aiming to a unique life experience for the visitors of this state-of-the-art tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. While the building is characterized by non-uniformity, as there are continuous changes on the layout of the storeys as the building rises, the structure remains stiff and notably rigid. The most difficult and intricate part of the building is the subversive facade which impresses with its curvature.


Reflective panels scatter and refract the light, creating an illusion in the form of a jewel. The same luxurious style is found also in the interior, which impresses through its geometric decoration, the color contrasts and the unique configuration of the last ten storeys by Versace Home. Local cultural elements both in the building's surrounding area and in its main spaces are responsible for its smooth integration in the atmosphere of the city. Finally, the orientation of the rooms towards the Red Sea offers the visitor the opportunity to admire this unobstructed view.

Project identity

Saudi Arabia
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Corporate Social Responsibility



increase in the number of women at all hierarchical levels



οf training for our people and industry professionals



use of recycled aluminium in our annual production

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