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SUPREME S650 PHOS Eclipse & SUPREME S700: Top-hung insect screen solutions

Two premium systems, which provide the option of top-hung insect screen solutions, upgrade the quality of living by protecting from insects and - in the meantime - offering natural ventilation to interior spaces.

SUPREME S650 PHOS Eclipse and SUPREME S700 represent two top series by ALUMIL both in terms of performance and aesthetics. The two state-of-the-art systems meet the demands of modern architectural design and can support all kinds of projects. The top-hung insect screen solutions, ideal even for wide window spans, upgrade their abilities and enhance the quality of living in the building.

The narrow interlocking profiles of the two systems (S650 PHOS Eclipse-25mm & S700-47mm) are perfectly supported by the respective top-hung insect screen solutions and do not create any issues regarding the field of view. It is worth noting that, when it comes to wide-span constructions, the unique design of the insect screen with the triple rollers and robust profiles reinforces its sturdiness and contributes to its smooth operation. Lastly, the top-hung insect screen solution for SUPREME S700 can be applied to both regular and low thresholds, while for SUPREME S650 PHOS Eclipse is applied to the Eclipse version.

The two advanced systems by ALUMIL stand out for their minimal aesthetics, robustness and functionality. The top-hung insect screen solutions elevate the final result and provide the necessary protection from dust, insects, and intense sunlight.

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