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Discover ALUMIL’s new outstanding fencing systems!

ALUMIL, as a leading company in the field of architectural aluminium systems, is always in search of new solutions that will enrich its product portfolio and cover more needs and requirements of its customers.


Following this approach of continuous product enrichment, the company has invested heavily in its new OUTDOORS series. The exterior area of a residential or professional space, is an important field and should be in line with high standards, in order to contribute to the improvement of people’s daily life. That is why our company developed 3 new advanced fencing systems, which offer a vast variety of exceptional solutions in terms of performance and design.

These systems are the SMARTIA FC10, FC60 and FC80 and they were developed to cover the most demanding needs. In particular, SMARTIA FC10 is a fencing system equipped with aluminium and/or Woodalux louvers that are placed vertically without a frame, creating a totally minimal result. SMARTIA FC60 is a complete aluminium fencing system with aluminium and/or Woodalux louvers that are attached on the posts, mainly on the outer side. Lastly, SMARTIA FC80 is an advanced and multiform system offering multiple solutions that can become a valuable tool for every architect, in any project. Its main features are the inlaid installation of louvers between the posts and the wide variety of different decorative elements.


The 3 new fencing systems of ALUMIL stand out for their robustness, the wide range of technical solutions and their high customization level, providing always a unique, tailor-made result. The combination of exceptional quality, along with rich customization options according to the requirements of each project, is a core value for every product that our company develops.

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