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Investing in recycling for an eco-friendly future


For all of us in ALUMIL, the environmental protection is not just a side project on the annual plan, but it is at the core of our strategy for the next decade.

More than 30 years now, we develop innovative products that stand out in the global market. Our top quality architectural aluminium systems are the result of technological prowess, but most of all they are manufactured in a cyclical production model, which is in line with the principles of our sustainability business plan.

Our main intention is to enhance our operation with production processes that minimize our carbon footprint. Thus, we invested 4.6m euros in a new aluminium scrap separation unit which was recently created in our facilities in Greece. The separation process includes mechanic, magnetic and X-ray technology. The new unit, that was constructed in just 3 months, enables us to increase by 50% the green aluminium that we produce in the next 3 years, in order to constitute 70% of the total raw material used in our production.

As a leading company in our field, we want to contribute to social prosperity. Environmental protection is an important requirement for such a goal. We are an international company that embraces responsibility towards nature and people. Therefore, we are determined to intensify our actions for an eco-friendly future with better living conditions for everyone.


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