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The Scape in Brighton: ALUMIL embraces the future in student housing

Over the last decades, a large number of young people move around Europe searching for the best university in the field of their preference. As a result, the search for modern accommodation that can meet the needs of every student completing his/her daily life experience has become more important than ever.

Brighton is a city on the southern coast of England (76 km south of London). It is characterized by the vibrant lifestyle and the several universities and colleges located in the region. University of Brighton and University of Sussex are two great examples, with more than 35.000 students each year. Also, many young people study fine arts in Brighton Academy and Brighton Screen & Film School. Thus, all those freshmen try to find a house that would become their residence during this period. “The Scape” is a modern building complex of high aesthetics that meets all the contemporary accommodation demands. Its key location is a significant advantage: It is located in Moulsecoomb, at the center of the Brighton student community. The new complex stands as an architectural statement, highlighting the vivid and fast elements of Brighton lifestyle.

The internal side is designed in a way that encourages people to express themselves. The multilayered interior consists of studios, apartments, shared study areas, library, leisure and craft rooms. The building’s façade is coated with golden perforated aluminium sheet, which underlines its aesthetical prowess. Furthermore, “The Scape” is equipped with SMARTIA M7, a high-performance curtain wall system. ALUMIL’s advanced system contributes to the enhancement of natural light in the interior. At the same time, it provides increased security and sound insulation levels (the latter is crucial for a student). We should also point out the hinged thermally insulated system SUPREME S77 that was also installed and stood out. The energy efficiency of the system meets Passive House standards, while its increased static makes it the perfect choice for regions with heavy weather conditions. Lastly, it is worth noting that the aforementioned systems are in full compliance with the British Standards (BS).

ALUMIL’s wide range of architectural aluminium systems provides flexibility, adaptability and endless possibilities for covering the needs of various constructions. The Scape complex in Brighton was a challenging project, due to its increased requirements for energy efficiency and functionality. Our presence in such international projects, characterized by modern aesthetics and contemporary design, reflects the superiority of our aluminium systems that can meet holistically multiple building requirements.

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