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Glass railing m8200

SMARTIA M8200 – New wind load resistance certification

ALUMIL’s SMARTIA M8200 is a vertical glass support system, designed for the construction of glass railings. All series’ solutions stand out for their modern aesthetics and extreme robustness. 

In order to highlight the excellence of M8200 series in terms of sturdiness and safety, we tested the bases in real conditions. Also, we simulated the intense wind loads that the railings receive in tall buildings (e.g. 30 stories). 

In addition to the standard tests (50Kg impact, KN/m horizontal load), we conducted challenging tests at increased wind speed, pushing the system to its limits. As a result, M8200 was certified for wind pressure resistance, up to 5000Pa, which is equal to 310Km/h speed. 

After expanding M8200 series with the new bases that allow placement right on the edge of the balcony, these certifications for extreme wind-pressure resistance, enhance and complete the system’s features. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that following the success in these demanding safety tests, ALUMIL could compete in large scale international projects, meeting their high-performance requirements. 

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