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World Day of Blood Donation

June 14th marks the global donation day of blood since 15 years ago.

Blood donation is a simple, personal, human and civil act which does not create dependency. As it cannot be produced the only way to generate and supply is through voluntarily donation. In Albania, there are over 600 patients suffering thalassemia and every once in three weeks they undertake blood transfusion thus the daily need for blood exceeds 80 units.

A week ago, our colleagues of Alumil Albania has responded to this call of necessity from Albanian Red Cross. Under strict of health security measures taken by our company we arranged a proper space for each and every employee who decided to donate. 

Life & Health are valuable assets for our company and staff that is why we appreciate all kind of movements and events that promote the rise of awareness to help our community and people in need. Taking advantage in today donation in our premises we would like to encourage all our partners to join every sort of donation campaigns aiming to help the ones fighting against blood diseases and not only.

Alumil Albania Donates.


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