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Minimal Sliding SUPREME S650 PHOS selected for H303 project

The impressive residential building "H303", located in the southern suburbs of Athens, will be completed soon. Adopting an organic architectural design aiming at the harmonious positioning of the building in its natural environment, the 314 Architecture Studio incorporated in the exterior shell a design of geometric shapes inspired by nature, resembling the petals of a lily, giving unique form to the building.

The initial purpose of this organic design was to "bypass" the urban routine and to state in a different and practical way that the harmonious coexistence of humans with nature is possible in an urban environment, as was always advocated by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, a pioneer in organic architectural design. This design philosophy extends even further, combining aesthetics with functionality, integrating the interior with the exterior, with elegant lines that harmoniously interact with the aesthetics of the furniture.

In this context, the choice of the outstanding minimal sliding system SUPREMES 650 PHOSS by ALUMIL was a key element in the overall design, ensuring the required high aesthetics and functionality. The system connects seamlessly the interior with the exterior environment, providing unrestricted view through extensive glass surfaces. The uniqueness of the system lies in the very thin aluminium profiles that are integrated into the wall, with visible aluminium at the interlocking point of only 25 mm. Moreover, the ability to incorporate the floor material into the slider’s track provides an exceptional aesthetic result that is ideal for marble floors.

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