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ALUMIL launches the minimal sliding system SMARTIA M630 PHOS, which incorporates multiple advantages and unique characteristics that boldly differentiate it from competition.
SMARTIA M630 PHOS offers a minimal touch in contemporary residences combining minimal design with high thermal performance. Following the “less is more” philosophy, all aluminium profiles can be hidden into the wall providing a total sense of comfort with top functionality and enhanced safety.

  • Minimal design
    Elegant coziness full of natural light thanks to the system's minimal design and the wide glazing surfaces that can be integrated. The enhanced visibility due to the concealed profiles along with visible aluminium face width of only 44 mm at the interlocking profile, make the residents feel like living outdoors thanks to the slim sightlines.

  • Energy saving
    Design which is ideal for “green” buildings, emphasizing on energy & money savings through thermally efficient solutions. Its performance level regarding thermal insulation covers a wide range of climatic zones with Uw values that can reach 1,2 W/m2K, depending on the typology, the glazing and the dimensions.

  • Total comfort
    Improvement of living conditions and the overall quality of life thanks to the high sound reduction providing a barrier shield against external noise. Flawless operation with smart locking mechanism (international patent) and easy gliding increase comfort even further.

  • Easy access
    Extra flat threshold with a height of only 32mm, which was specially designed for easy and safe access to children, the elderly and people with special needs. Installed either flush to floor or on the floor, the system fulfills every need and construction requirement.

SMARTIA M630 PHOS is an outstanding sliding system that satisfies effectively all modern architectural needs. High design and high performance meet comfort, user friendliness and top value-for-money.

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