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Rotana Park


In a unique capital city, the one of the United Arab Emirates, commercial and professional activities coexist with recreation and luxury. Its style remains strict but highlights at the same time a construction full of luxury, with steady and rigid architectural lines. Visible concrete emphasizes the rigidness and lets the shadows play with the light on the facade of the building when the sun sets and the night settles.


Structural elements such as metal, glass and cement are perfectly and smoothly blended together, through a combination, which looks forward into keeping intact both the building’s proportions and local character. Guests enjoy the unobstructed view towards the nearby park to the west side of the building as well as the natural water canals to the northeast, truly unaffected by the external conditions thanks to high-performance energy systems. Earthy shades were chosen for the interior, with intense color tones and gentle illumination in order to promote the uniformity of the character adopted by the architects. The building could be characterized as a tectonic "gem" that harmoniously combines luxury, professionalism, and recreation.

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United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
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