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Regnum Sky Tower


Focusing essentially on the individual, functionality and usability, this building combines them to offer an architectural creation which stands out among so many others in one of the fastest growing business areas of Ankara. The primary design lines have been uniformly applied on the entire building of 150 meters. The curtain walls were used as an empty canvas on which a unique image was formed.


Horizontal and vertical design lines meet the slopes leading to the top through "dancing" like moves. Minimal design highlights the building's character, as for the companies that are located into it, there is a strong demand on a clear and serious image. The natural light, which enters unobstructed inside the building, helps and enhances the efficiency and productivity while it creates a sense of freedom. Green spaces create a pleasant atmosphere while expressing the ecological character of the building. The architectural and engineering approach using advanced construction technologies and innovative mechanical and electrical systems make Regnum Sky Tower ecologically notable for its high energy efficiency. All these functions and features are offered into a single structure, fragmented in a highly intelligent way in order to serve different needs of different people.



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