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Offices - Export Association of Northern Greece


This particular renovation project is an excellent example of energy efficiency & high aesthetics through the installation of ALUMIL's advanced systems. Specifically, the main task was to upgrade totally the building of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Thessaloniki, which houses the Export Association of Northern Greece, in the center of Thessaloniki. The building of the Chamber was upgraded not only regarding energy efficiency, but also aesthetically, transforming it into a modern building in absolute alignment with modern architectural trends.


The building’s total energy consumption was reduced significantly thanks to the application of ALUMIL's innovative thermally insulated systems. In particular, the thermally insulated curtain wall system SMARTIA M7 was installed, an advanced system that assures constructions of high quality and meets all architectural requirements. Furthermore, the advanced casement system SMARTIA M11500 and the entrance door system SUPREME SD77 were also applied, both characterized for their exceptional design and their high thermal insulation performance. The application of these specific energy efficient systems was not a coincidence, because apart from their outstanding performance, they can be combined perfectly with each other, providing an outstanding aesthetic result.

Last but not least, the adjustable shading system SMARTIA M5600 was installed to allow sunlight control, especially during summer, providing at the same time an additional aesthetic upgrade to the building’s envelope thanks to its sophisticated design.

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