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Institution for Children and Youth in Sremčica

The Institution for Children and Youth is located in the Belgrade suburb of Sremčica. The part of the building complex used for the children's activities was reconstructed to upgrade its energy efficiency. 

Since this building was constructed in the 1960s, it did not meet today's energy standards. Studio A&D Architects that undertook the project were permitted to intervene moderately in order to both upgrade the level of thermal insulation and retain the characteristic elements of the façade.  

A key role in achieving the objectives that were set was played by the aluminium systems used (hinged & curtain wall systems), which helped to improve the energy efficiency of the building, provided high functionality that facilitates daily operations, ensuring at the same time enhanced natural lighting. Finally, concerning the interiors, improvements were made to make the building even more functional, such as the design for the installation of a new elevator. 

If you wish to learn more about the hinged and curtain wall systems used in the Sremčica Institution for Children & Youth, you can visit the product pages of SMARTIA M11000, Comfort M9400, and SMARTIA M50, respectively. 

Architect: Studio A&D Architects

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