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Cluj Arena Stadium


In 2011 the new football stadium of Universitatea Cluj, the well-known Cluj Arena Stadium, is constructed under the design of the architectural office Dico si Tiganas. It was back in 1919 when Stadionul Ion Moina built to host the local football team, but after 88 years of life, it was demolished in 2007 in order to be replaced by a new and state-of-the-art stadium.


The approved architectural study concerned a stadium not only be used for football matches but also, able to host several sports events from classic athletic events to rugby matches. Simple and soft design lines that make the stadium looks amazing on the skyline like having a seeming movement, compose its oval shell which is not clear whether it gives the sense that it opens from the inside out or closes in the opposite direction. Moreover, its anthropocentric design offers ease of access to the fans and protects them from any bad weather conditions. The comfortable and numerous stands (Cluj Arena is the 5th largest stadium in Romania) allow an unobstructed view of the field regardless of the position of the visitor. In addition, robust aluminium systems for curtain walls and entrance doors provide complete solutions to any operational need. The characteristic almost white metallic color of the stadium enhances the luxury of the construction and emphasizes its particularly large volume. A volume that stands out during the night thanks to the lighting that spots upwards following the recesses of the stadium, making it be visible from any point of the whole city.


Architects: Dico si Tiganas

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