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ΑLUMIL has the ideal window & door systems for your home. Our wide product range, with multiple hinged, sliding, or bi-folding window & door solutions, incorporates all the expertise of our innovative Research & Development department and is characterised by top aesthetics and excellent functionality. Aiming always for top quality, ALUMIL’s energy efficient aluminium windows and doors are the first choice for new constructions and renovation projects in which compromise is not an option.
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M23300_4 M23300
SMARTIA M23300 is an insulated lifting sliding system for elegant windows and doors, combining the advantages of aluminum with the warmth of natural wood.
s560-IMG_2032 S560
SMARTIA S560 is a robust insulated Liſt & Sliding system which provides high thermal performance, flexibility and is ideal for large openings.
M12500_lobby_indoor_correctionHD M12500 PHOS
SMARTIA M12500 PHOS is the new ingenious sliding system of ALUMIL for minimal sliding frames, which maximize natural light. Its unique design is completely in line with the latest architectural trends.
M12000_4 M12000
SMARTIA M12000 is ALUMIL’s new ingenious sliding system which gives you the option for sliding or lift & slide frames. Its unique design, with very elegant lines, is completely in line with the latest architectural trends. The system was specially designed for warmer climates and meets a wide range of needs, with additional options for large window spans.
s350-IMG_1400 S350
SMARTIA S350 is a modern & flexible insulated sliding system with a modern flat design. It is ideal for refurbishments or renovations thanks to its construction easiness.
S440_powerlock S440
SMARTIA S440 is an innovative insulated sliding system which incorporates all the modern architectural trends and the requirements for high energy-efficiency. It is an ideal option for the very demanding European market.
M14600_Outdoor_2f M14600
SMARTIA M14600 is ALUMIL’s brand new sliding system with extremely elegant lines, incorporating all the expertise of ALUMIL Group. It meets the modern architectural trends and the requirements for especially high performances and is the ideal solution for areas with warmer climate.
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