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Adice Health Center

A Health Centre must be functional and inspire peace of mind and security to the people who need its services. The construction of the primary health care center in the Adice district of Novi Sad offered all the above-mentioned elements to meet the main prerequisites for the project’s success.

The architectural design of dba architects created two levels. The lower level has an inviting character, enhanced by the sense of intimacy created by the curved shapes of the façade. The upper level follows straight lines, while the five triangular, connected roofs complete the intimate feel as they are reminiscent of residential roofs.

The hinged aluminium system offers high thermal insulation, modern design, and easy access, an essential feature for those who will need medical care in the building. Also, the minimal curtain wall system fits perfectly with the architectural vision while ensuring high energy efficiency, increased static robustness, and enhanced natural light.

If you would like to learn more about the hinged and curtain wall systems used in the Adice Health Center project, you can visit the product pages of SMARTIA S67 and SMARTIA M50, respectively. 


Architect: DBA Architects

Project identity

Novi Sad
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