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ALKAR, Karavidas George


ALKAR was founded by Mr. G. Karabida and counts already more than 20 years of dynamic presence in the manufacturing of aluminum frames. ALKAR is a guaranteed quality solution.

Our products are characterized by superior quality in workmanship, great durability, maximum security and natural, flawless finish. Our highly trained staff is a guarantee for any demanding and specialized manufacturing. The company's philosophy is to direct sustained effort to meet the needs of its customers while updating its mechanical equipment. In our new, modern facilities and privately owned offices in VIOPA Liosia, we are manufacturing unique creations that stand out for their excellent quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Equipping and renewing the mechanical equipment with the latest machines, our company was able to expand its capabilities in the most demanding markets, in line with market developments, providing always certified and integrated solutions.

Our highly trained staff works systematically so that customers can show full of confidence. The unique high quality and expertise, coupled with unparalleled logistics, have placed ALKAR at the apex of the market. ALKAR with windows and sliding doors, arched, panels, doors and security doors, wooden or aluminum manufacture, seeks to acquire even more power in the competitive market, without minimizing its quality since our primary objective is the absolute customer satisfaction. 

ALKAR, always respecting the customer is present not only during the project but also after completion. We provide every possible service even after sales services. And because nothing is random, our leadership in the market is a result of the reliability of our products, the responsibility of our people and our continuous investments.