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Consulting for large projects

Alumil collaborates with the project designers, willing to support them at the design stage, by providing concept designs along with typical shop drawings. Partial customization and bespoke solutions are provided in close collaboration with the project designers and the inhouse designers and R&D teams.

Façade engineering consultants are supported at the specification stage, guiding them through the product range that complies with the project specifications and the budget compliance. We provide you with the services mentioned below during the different project stages.


Design Stage

  • Obtain architectural drawings.
  • Discuss possible specifications.
  • Examine elevations & spans dimensions, conclude on system/solutions.
  • Submit elevation drawing and a typical shop drawing.
  • Submit structural calculations.
  • Submit generic specification sheet (wind loads, Uw, etc).
  • Submit list of authorized aluminium fabricators.

Tender Stage

  • Material take off (profiles, accessories and hardware) per item in the BOQ.
  • Optimized order, optimized bar lengths.
  • Pricing per item in the BOQ (cost of profiles/accessories/hardware).
  • Typical section drawings.

Award Stage

  • Prequalification File.
  • Samples & Sample Board.
  • Certificates or testing results at site (Mockup performance)
  • Detailed structural calculations.
  • Proper drafting of shop drawings

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