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What is Preanodizing and why to choose it?

Development of residential and commercial often take part in places with harsh environmental conditions, that have been proved to be determining factors for corrosion development.

Even if all quality processes have been strictly followed, aluminum corrosion is likely to develop under the powder coating layer under specific external conditions, such as increased humidity, saline or/and highly polluted atmosphere. This phenomenon is known as filiform corrosion and constitutes one the major issues of the aluminum powder coating industry.

Therefore, filiform corrosion mostly appears in:

  • coastal areas
  • residential regions with highly polluted atmosphere
  • regions where salt is used on roads for snow and ice removal
  • near swimming pools where water is chlorinated

Dealing with filiform corrosion

Worldwide studies and years of experience have shown that pre-treatment of profiles before powder coating is decisive for the emergence, development and further extension of this type of corrosion.

Alumil, as a pioneer company in aluminum architectural systems development and production, offers, apart from the solutions most commonly used, the more specialized and higher quality solution of “Preanodizing” to deal with the issue of filiform corrosion. Preanodizing is a process that combines anodizing and powder coating, gaining the best of each solution. This high end process offers unparalleled corrosion protection and unlimited color options, providing unmatched freedom of design on any kind of building regardless of the geographical region it is developed at and the general conditions of the exterior environment.

It is significant to note that powder coated profiles that have been preanodized are characterized as Automatic Seaside by Qualicoat and Sea Proof Plus by GSB, a class higher than those for which the most commonly used pre-treatment process of “reinforced removal of aluminum layer by chemical methods” has been used before powder coating.

Last but not least, thanks to its high vertical integration, Alumil is among the few companies that are able to meet the requirement of coating the preanodized profiles within 16 hours.