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Unirii View


Created in order to fulfill the ambitions of those who would like to house their company in the most central part of Bucharest, this imposing and elegant 73-meter and 19-storey building represents an exceptional architectural conception. The postmodern character of its design lines emphasizes a minimalist approach as well as it’s art deco elements.


It adopts the color tones of its neighboring buildings in order to integrate smoothly into the surrounding area. The pattern of two large glass openings, combined with two smaller ones, reappears on the whole surface of the façade, playing with symmetry from floor to floor, shaping a stimulating visual composition. Its location at the center of the city as well as its imposing height provide a view of the whole skyline. The interior of the building keeps retains a minimalistic character, with earthy color tones and hidden lighting elements, providing a discreet luxury, while at the same time exuding a sense of familiar environment for the employees of the companies. Although the windows of the building are placed at the same level as the rest of the facade, openings and small balconies with bright hidden lighting elements, which do not follow a specific pattern, enhance the Unirii View's visual impact as the night falls.


Architects: Westfourth Architecture

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