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Plaza Hotel Tirana


An aim to effortlessly acclimatize and at the same time stand out among the remarkable monuments of the city of Tirana has led to the creation of a unique architectural work in the capital city of Albania.


The idea of a single glass façade was rejected to give its place to a monolithic form which completes the historicity of the area in combination with Skanderbeg statue, the old mosque and the tomb of Suleiman Pasha, the founder of the city. The building begins its ascent with an elliptical-shaped base which, as it progresses in height, reduces its curvature smoothly, becoming eventually a square rooftop which utilizes the available flat surface for the needs of the hotel. The building is embraced by compact inclined concrete surfaces which, combined with the minimum visible aluminum frame and glass surfaces, allows the sunlight and shadows in public and private spaces to succeed each other, creating a diverse elevation which unifies the external and internal environment. In Plaza Hotel Tirana the Mediterranean light is captured through a unique architectural composition and transformed into an unexpected dance of shadows, culture and history.

Project identity
Rruga 28 Nëntori
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