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Emerald Terraces


As a continuous source of inspiration, the sea constitutes the focus point of the southern suburbs of Athens. A visually sophisticated contemporary architectural complex in Glyfada is oriented towards the skyline with unobstructed view of the Saronic Gulf.


Linear design, geometric philosophy and the adaptation of the principles of the modern movement, compose a tectonic landscape which combines contradictory uses. Office and living place, pressure and leisure, activity and tranquility, through the architectural prism. The bright white color emphasizes the sense of luxury as well as the strict style of the building. The greatest possible interconnection between the modern human and the natural environment is achieved thanks to the large openings, the glass surfaces, and the minimum visible aluminum of the openings. Minimal design constitutes the epitome between functionality and aesthetics, with green areas surrounding the building, emphasizing the presence of the natural environment within the urban fabric

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