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150 Charles Street


The building consists of luxurious apartments located in one of the most expensive areas of Manhattan, West Village, overlooking the Hudson River and Hudson River Park. This building is a luxuriously thoughtful addition to the Manhattan skyline.
The building incorporates the abandoned Whitehall warehouse, a massive, utilitarian structure of concrete, brick, and glass. The grid of the warehouse is maintained in the new building, with each bay defining separate Townhomes on Charles and West 10th Streets.
The resulting building is a careful composition of stacked volumes that gradually setback, preserving the neighbourhood’s scale and romantic character.


To maintain the original character and look of the building without changing anything in its appearance, while transforming an old industrial construction into the highest level of residential towers in Manhattan. Performance specifications for thermal and sound insulation were extreme, and the most serious challenge was to incorporate these requirements into an aluminium architectural solution that would replace a steel minimal one.


“150 Charles Street” is another innovative project awarded to ALUMIL in which the company designed a custom made curtain and window wall system with the key feature of incorporating operable outswing casement vents that have a zero sightline from the interior as well as the exterior, creating a homogenous surface. In addition, thanks to the special construction of the curtain wall, the building successfully maintained its unique exterior articulation, satisfying the main intention of the architectural office. To accomplish this aesthetic result, the system needed to incorporate independent designs for the fixed and the operable units. The design ultimately utilised 83 custom extrusions, proving not only the complexity of this particular project but also the production capabilities of ALUMIL, being one of the companies with the highest production capacity in Europe. The advanced custom made aluminium systems of ALUMIL covered in total a surface of 7.700 m2.

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150 Charles Street
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