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Private House Comarnic

A detached house in nature has the potential to be the perfect retreat for those living there. This private residence in the small town of Comarnic, Romania, is a perfect example of the composition between different elements.
Designed by LAMA Architectura, the house combines wood and stone in an ideal way, creating a unique character. The building is developed on two levels, with different uses. The level in which wood was used hosts the daytime spaces, while the level with stone hosts the bedrooms. The alternation of these materials creates a sense of integration into the impressive mountain landscape. The use of aluminium systems ideally complements the residence, upgrades the building's energy efficiency, enhances natural lighting, and contributes to high functionality, facilitating daily living. Thus, the end result is a detached house that blends with the natural environment while providing all modern comforts.
If you want to learn more about the hinged and sliding aluminium systems, the curtain wall system, and the entrance door system used in the Private House Comarnic project, you can visit the product pages of SMARTIA S67, SMARTIA S560, SMARTIA M7, and SMARTIA MD67 respectively.

Architect: LAMA Architectura

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