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ALUMIL has a multinational engineering team with more than 100 engineers from 20 different countries. In addition, ALUMIL has an advanced department with engineers dedicated on large scale projects requiring special attention regarding design, technical support and project management. We work hand in hand with developers as early as from the design stage of the project, to offer solutions that will optimize costs, while adhering to the requirements of each building.

Our engineering team offers comprehensive technical and engineering services for large construction projects across the globe, collaborating closely with architects, project developers, construction companies & fabricators.

Alumil enginners identify the project requirements and the the customer needs, providing preliminary designs and budget approach to the client. The consulting process targets to the proper system selection through the wide product portfolio by protecting the customer from unexpected experiences into the market.

Providing complete solutions and detailed technical plans to architects, construction companies and fabricators by using state-of-the-art computer software (e.g. ALUMILCAL).
Preparing comprehensive project folders with detailed technical solutions & proposed system specifications and typologies, certifications, costs, project plan etc.
Proposing new aluminium systems, in collaboration with ALUMIL’s advanced R&D department, so as to enrich the company’s product range and meet fully customer needs.
Monitoring the development of large construction projects and offering project management assistance, in order to reassure that aluminium fabricators follow ALUMIL’s specifications and guidelines.

We can realize you vision

We are able to offer customized solutions for projects that require specially designed systems or typologies. The expertise level of our engineers along with the flexibility of our production processes thanks to the high vertical integration of our plant, lead to exceptional results especially when it comes to customized solutions. Note that we recently developed one of the most sophisticated hi-tech customized window systems on behalf of Google Inc. in New York. Our highly advanced technological level in combination with our ability to provide tailor-made solutions, make us one of the most competitive companies in the industry, globally.

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