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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

As a pioneer in new technologies, ALUMIL can support projects developed according to the BIM methodology. To this end, it has created a BIM library that includes basic typologies of several systems, designed in REVIT environment to be used by the company's partners in the digital design phase of their projects.


What is BIM


BIM is a set of processes in a structured digital environment, within which different technologies and methodologies are used to prepare studies for infrastructure projects and buildings. Through these processes we achieve:

  • Organization and digital recording of the design, construction and operation elements of each project.
  • Creation of a database that contributes to optimal design and successful implementation & operation.
  • Collaboration, simultaneous interaction, synchronization and automatic updating of the parties involved (architects, engineers, designers, builders, etc.).

Thus, the project is digitally portrayed, failures are detected on time, potential errors are prevented as well as time and money are saved.

What are BIM "objects" ?

A BIM "object" is a digital representation of a real object, which includes detailed information about its geometry, physical characteristics and properties.

BIM advantages

Εξοικονόμηση χρόνου

Cost and time savings by the use of digital technologies.

Πρόβλεψη λαθών

Prediction and avoidance of errors during project design.


Common digital environment for more effective collaboration.

Βελτιστοποίηση διαδικασιών

Optimization of project development processes.


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