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Green Plaza


The story of the building at the crossroad of Kifissias Avenue and Agios Konstantinos Street in Maroussi, begins in '91. It’s prominent position and pioneering architectural elements such us the concrete frames have shaped it into a local landmark.


Innovation and the will to evolve are integrated in its philosophy while allowing, at the same time, the revision and upgrade of its structure in the context of high-level ecological design, certified according to LEED for Core & Shell. The façade is dominated by a pattern which consists of aluminum movable blinds in horizontal and vertical arrangement, aiming to the creation of a unified visual composition. In the northern side, there are fixed vertical blinds which participate in the visual unification of the facade. The surroundings are cursive and extrovert, "open to the public", operating as an extension of the public space, it also underlines the entries of the building. "Green spaces" at the terraces are one more example of the building’s ecology design approach, as they improve the micro-climate and at the same time enhance noise reduction and thermal insulation of the interior.

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