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Soft Close - Lift Unit: Two new solutions that "lift" the weight off your shoulders!

ALUMIL's "obsession" with innovation and construction excellence is well known. The company recently adopted two new innovative solutions, which reinforce the functionality of two top systems, making their daily use… a “piece of cake”!

Lift Unit

The lift & slide systems SMARTIA S560 and SUPREME S700 impress with their design, which enhances natural lighting, being at the same time ideal for covering wide spans. So, regarding everyday use, customers sometimes handle large sashes which are usually heavier than other more conventional solutions.

In order to facilitate the user experience, we integrated the accessory “Lift Unit” for both series. Thanks to this solution, the force required by the user to lift the system when rotating the handle is 50% less than before. Thus, the daily operation of these successful lift & slide systems becomes easier (even the elderly will not face any difficulties), without tiring the user.

Also - and specifically for the series SUPREME S700 - the Lift Unit makes even larger constructions possible, as it increases the maximum weight capacity of the sash from 400 to 600 Kg! Such a solution paves the way for more impressive constructions, which will further cover the needs for natural lighting and minimal design.

Soft Close

In addition to the Lift Unit, there is one more solution available that can make the use of SUPREME S700 & SMARTIA S560 even smoother. ALUMIL, focusing on safety and ease of use, has incorporated the technology “Soft Close”, which helps the sash of the lift & slide systems S700 & S560 to close effortlessly, without the risk of a sudden slam, which could potentially harm the system’s frame or the sash itself. Moreover, the system becomes safer for those who use it daily and enhances the feeling of calmness through its uninterrupted functionality.

With these two new solutions, ALUMIL emphasizes that as a company is always giving attention to the needs of people who trust its products, aiming to meet their requirements. The new mechanisms “Lift Unit” and “Soft Close” underline the fact that a high-quality system can become even more functional, with a smart addition that elevates the final result.

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