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ALUMIL Webinars: Improvement through knowledge sharing

This year we have all realized that the complications of the coronavirus pandemic will keep affecting our daily lives for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has caused many changes to the working environment and prompted companies to discover smart and imaginative methods in order to enhance the communication with their employees and partners. In ALUMIL we have adapted quickly to this new situation and took various initiatives, aiming to improve our online meetings, web presentations and trainings via webinars. ALUMIL Webinars provide rich content and support both our staff and partners.

Online product presentations

Our partners are, for each and every one of us in ALUMIL, a significant part of our company. Therefore, it is extremely important to support them by offering knowledge and information. We want them to be aware of our new products and updates, to learn technical details that could be useful to their work and most of all, to support them throughout every stage. Following this philosophy, we have begun our online product presentations. Recently we successfully organized an online presentation through Zoom regarding our new systems for fences and gates. Almost 300 fabricators took part in the event, in which the new products were presented and discussed thoroughly.


ALUMIL Academy Webinars

ALUMIL Academy has brought a fresh air of creativity through its various educational and training activities about aluminium. Although the restrictions of the pandemic have caused many changes, the specially designed ALUMIL Academy webinars help our students to immerse in the field, by receiving valuable knowledge and research material. Thus, every month several online seminars are scheduled. The topics are about the manufacturing and assembly of frames, the installation of aluminium systems in zero energy buildings or more specialized seminars about programs such as ALUMILCal. ALUMIL Academy Webinars can be attended not only by our students, but also by fabricators that want to broaden their skills.


Webinars for Alumilers

 Our people are our main priority. Therefore, we keep updating the activities we provide after the working hours, in order to give them options to enrich the rest of their day. The topics vary: from seminars about parents and sessions regarding women empowerment, to gym or health & wellness programs. This period we are organizing on a weekly basis the GYROKINESIS®  online seminars. GYROKINESIS®  is an alternative movement method that stimulates the spinal articulation.



The future of communication

 We do not know exactly what the future holds, but we know for sure that every corporation will have to make good use of the online channels for the day-to-day management and communication. The COVID-19 pandemic obviously rushed this process, but when this global health crisis ends, humanity will be more flexible and mature regarding digital communication. In ALUMIL we follow the path of digital transformation and our various webinars are in line with the company’s culture that strives for innovation and development every day.

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