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New excellent solutions for entrance doors with SMARTIA M9660

ALUMIL, always focused on the continuous development of its systems, has developed a new entrance door solution for the successful hinged system SMARTIA M9660, specially designed to minimize the visible aluminum frame and the door threshold with a height of just 15 mm, offering easy access, suitable for people with disabilities, in accordance with European standards. At the same time, in addition to its stylish and functional design, SMARTIA M9660 special entrance door typologies can improve significantly energy efficiency and anti-burglar resistance. The available typologies vary, offering single or two-sided doors, with inward or outward opening and with or without fixed lights-fanlights. In addition, it is possible to choose between a European mechanism (European camera) or a steel mechanism (Euronut), with various locking options depending on the requested security needs. The new entrance door of SMARTIA M9660 is an excellent solution which was developed by ALUMIL’s engineers according to the modern architectural trends and very high energy efficiency requirements, combining effectively fabrication convenience and high functionality, at a very competitive price.
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