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Villa Lucille


On the eastern surroundings of Istanbul city, in the region of Tuzla, there is a little oasis among the buildings that hosts Villa Lucille. 


At first glance, the front side of the residential, which is accessible from the road, does not reveal the luxury of the interior and the details of the unique architecture that was followed in order to lead us to this final extraordinary result. Villa Lucille is a composition of geometric volumes of clear and simple vertical and horizontal design lines, standing on different levels on each axis of the three-dimensional space. It is also framed by lush gardens and a large swimming pool at the backside that stands out as it rises a few centimeters from the ground level. Really wide and large openings, corner constructions and aluminium systems that adopt the minimal design allow unobstructed view in any direction, as well as the smooth integration of the internal environment with the external. The cold and hard luxury materials of the interior, such as marble, wood, steel, look more friendly and warm to the residents thanks to the earthy tones of the color palette. The design from the architectural team of Team Project aims to penetration the natural light in the interior illuminating every important detail giving vitality and a unique sense of freedom. The luxury in this multi-level villa is completed with the sauna and the fully equipped gym.


Architects: Team Project

Project identity

500 sq.m
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