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U House


The design of this unique house in the city of Ula, Turkey, was the inspiration for the naming of the project. The inverted letter U appears on each simple design line of the shell of the house. By this way, the architectural office URAStudio managed to minimize the intervention in the natural landscape. Surrounded by small olive trees, cactuses and old oaks, the house looks like it was always there, fully harmonized with the environment thanks to the natural stone and the neutral gray color shade of the cement used. 


The larger shell contains the main living area, kitchen, and a mezzanine workspace. The smaller shell consists of two identical bedrooms with their own bathroom each. The central connecting space is open to both the front and the back of the house, taking full advantage of the two courtyards, one of which reveals five stone steps leading down to the private pool. 

The gentle proportions of the house create a sensitive and calm relationship with the tenants. Only three materials are used in the composition of the house: concrete, stone, and oak. Scattered in every part of the building small or larger, narrow or even wider openings are appeared, covered with advanced aluminium systems contributing to the overall aesthetics. In addition, they achieve a unique integration, allowing ease of access to the external environment. 

Finally, the interior adopts the natural color palette, with furniture and decoration in sand tones, while small thematic compositions into the house take advantage of both aesthetically and functionally every space. 


Architects: URAStudio

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