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Ska Villa


In Ikoyi, a district of Lagos, full of liveliness, a residence projects absolute balance between nature and luxury. The simple and elegant architectural lines in earthy and white tones, the minimal design and above all, the respect to the landscape and nature are dominant. Considerably large openings, which are covered by minimum visible aluminum frames and transparent glass surfaces, constitute the communication channel between the external and the internal environment.



Perimetrically of the house, there is a plethora of local flora which is diffused into the interior. At the same time, natural light tries to dominate the spaces by creating a fantastic game between shadows and artificial lighting. The water element triggers a strong sense of tranquility as the pool stairs are lost as the water deepens. In the interior, the vertical and horizontal design lines are kept on the decoration and curvature strongly appears in the luxurious and comfortable furniture. When sun sets, gentle illumination takes over in order to bring about the extraordinary luxury that is emphasized in a simple and elegant way by different kinds of materials such as limestone, wood, concrete and metal.

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