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Raska residences & restaurant

The construction of a mixed-use building, which will house two duplex apartments and an elegant café-restaurant, was a unique challenge from the beginning.

Raska residences & restaurant, located in Raska city of Serbia and designed by the architectural firm A4 Studio, manages to combine its different uses, providing a smooth result. The goal was to create distinctive design approaches to distinguish the restaurant from the residences. This is evident even from the facade, as vertical shading panels have been installed on the second and third floor, while on the ground and the first floor, the absence of shading panels suggests the use of the restaurant.

The building follows a minimal design without any unnecessary details. Given that natural lighting is only possible from one side of the building, the spaces inside the residences have been distributed in such a way that the living room and the dining room are at the front and receive plenty of natural light. The kitchen is at the back, receiving light indirectly through the spaces mentioned above. Following the design philosophy, minimal aluminium systems of high performance, a robust curtain wall aluminium system, and glass railings were used, ideally completing the final result.

If you would like to learn more about the lift & slide systems, the curtain wall system, and the glass railings used in the Raska residences & restaurant project, you can visit the product pages of SUPREME S700, SMARTIA S560, SMARTIA M50, and SMARTIA M8200 respectively.


Architect: A4 Studio

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