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Piraeus Bank Bucharest


In the capital city, which also constitutes the cultural, commercial and industrial center of Romania, the holistic architecture design approach of Piraeus Bank Head Office Building brings about a multidimensional composition which utilizes a range of design elements : its structure and functions, the ecology of its materials, natural light, the symbolism of its shape and its harmonization with the skyline.


The facade of the building clearly expresses its direct relationship with the external environment and its aim of improving the working conditions of its employees. The large openings that allow natural light to enter unobstructed, provides a pleasant atmosphere and reproduces the architectural character of the neighboring buildings. At the same time, strict design lines reveal an intense sensitivity to the local culture of Bucharest, while at the same time implying the European identity of the city. A continuous search for high-quality materials leads to the adoption of materials such as concrete, glass and aluminum, reflecting the sustainable character of the building’s performance, which is part of the requirements of a globally adaptable society. 

Architect: aa ASSOCIATES Architects & Engineers LTD

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14,321 sq m
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