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Mriya Resort & Spa


Internationally acclaimed British architect sir Norman Foster, eccentric and with futuristic expression on his projects, designs a unique and elegant hotel complex. 


The hotel is located in Yalta, in the Crimean gulf and its strangely unique shape seems like a starfish that “rests” at the coast or as described by some others it reminds us of tree leaves that interact with the nature.

In a heavenly landscape and in the middle of a totally green area with a spectacular sea view, Mriya Resort & Spa offers 422 luxury rooms, that provide a full range of modern comforts. Each of the 12 villas inside the Resort could accommodate a family, covering the needs of the most demanding visitors. In the park area, apart from the 12 villas, are located the 2 luxury presidential suites.

The location of the hotel complex in combination with the advanced aluminium systems that were used on the villas, allow visitors to have unobstructed view to the Black Sea. This magnificent view was the initial vision of the architect sir Foster when he transformed his idea to the Mriya’s design.

Architectural Design: Foster + Partners

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