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In both the existing and the new building, the morphological processing of the facades was done in such a way as to meet the high demands of a large company with a great history but also seeking to modernization and dynamic development in the future. In addition to the full coverage of the functional requirements of such a unique building, there was also the desire to promote the building and establish it as a landmark for the area. The new building morphologically follows the synthetic principles of the existing one and thanks to the architectural study of the AETER Architects office is in complete harmonization with it. 


On the side of the complex located on Vari - Koropiou Avenue, extensive aluminium curtain walls are used, as well as decorative elements from a metal frame covered with white cement board, in morphological continuation with the existing building. Throughout the rest of the perimeter of the two buildings, white full curtains were used in combination with narrow vertical curtain walls of less visible aluminium frames that create the impression of a giant barcode. 

The slight slope of the ground of the plot in combination with the requirement for non-existence of height differences in the interior, led to the elevation of the existing building on the front side and its corresponding degradation at the rear side of the building. The ground floor level of the new building is the same as the ground floor level of the existing building, so as not to interfere with the functional integration of the two buildings. Finally, there was special care for the disabled, as they have access through a ramp with a slope of <5%, while there are elevators of appropriate dimensions and corridors with the necessary widths. 


Architects: AETER Architects office 

*The source for the description above was AETER Architects office

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