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Fontana Gardens


A different kind of “garden” is consisted of three 41-storey towers, of excellent and unique architecture, the Gardenia, Lotus and Violet tower. It is a block of towers in the center of Bahrain in Manama, that meets the standards of those that strive for luxury. 


The initial project design predicted the various levels of services and satisfaction taking into consideration the unique kind of visitors and business executives and all three towers were designed to cover their residential needs. The view is spectacular and breathtaking from all towers alike. Their design revamped the ever-changing Manama skyline while connecting the calm past to the dynamic present.

Wide openings give the comfort of unobstructed view, while they unify the internal and external environments. In this way, the elegant interior structure and design aesthetics, manage to blend the modern with the traditional Arabic element, by using high-quality materials and advanced construction methods.

Architectural Designs: Arab Architects

Project identity

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