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City Grozny


Τhe construction of 7 towers was planned in one of the most well-known squares of Grozny, including 5 of them for residential use.  A 154 meters tower stood out among them, as, due to its spectacular design and massive size, it was going to be a modern point of reference.  


The ambitious City Grozny project included the construction of 7 luxurious multi-storey buildings. Specifically, the project incorporated: a 45-storey tower, two 25-storey towers, two 18-storey towers, while the plan also included one hotel and one business center that would “shine” in the city center.  

The 154-meter tower stands out among the other buildings of the project. Through the intense designing lines of the skyscraper, the vision of the architect, Sulman Kavrnukaev, for openness and innovation becomes obvious. The location of the building nearby the river Sunzha, brings a sense of movement and sends a positive message to the visitor. 

The robust construction is reinforced by the equally durable curtain wall systems, which fit perfectly with the designing approach that was adopted for the tower. In the same sense, the thermally insulated aluminium systems that were used to the apartments provide safety and allow the natural light to enter unobstructed in the interior. 

City Grozny is a contemporary landmark for the city. The innovative designing and constructive solutions that were selected during its implementation, render it an internationally acclaimed project. 


Architect: Sulman Kavrnukaev

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