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First of all, it should be understood deeply, that there is no frame which provides absolute security and resistance to break-ins. Burglar resistance states how much time (in minutes) a frame can hold against ruptures. Time and tools needed for a successful break-in determine the frame's security properties. Older frames lacked security specifications, as there was no demand for secured frames from the end customers. Older, wooden frames are a classic example of the latter. A current rise in the number of burglaries resulted in increased safety requirements. Nowadays, security properties is an important decision factor for customers.

Therefore, for hinged frames, we recommend multiple locking mechanisms, placed at the perimeter between the sash and the casement . Additionally, sliding doors have to be equipped with internal locks. Apart from windows, it's critical to pick the right entrance door, as it's the spot that gets hit the most during break-ins.

Accordingly, choosing a secured entrance door, like aluminium doors, is vital, for your home's safety. However, not all aluminium doors provide the same security levels; Co-planar doors, stuck with sheet metals, are superior to other choices. A crowbar (or even a very strong kick!) can easily violate a simple panel door. For co-planar doors, the burglar has to violate the door at the alcove point between the sash and the frame, which can take a lot of time.

Lastly, aluminium security entrance doors should always have multiple locking mechanism . In case your door has a fixed part, prefer security triplex glass, which is hard to break.

Resistance Class Resistance Duration
RC 1N*   Occasional burglar: use of physical strength
RC 2N* -   Occasional burglar: simple tools such as screwdriver, pliers, wedge
RC 2 3 min Occasional burglar: simple tools such as screwdriver, pliers, wedge
RC 3 5 min Occasional or experienced burglar: also uses additional lever tool
RC 4 10 min Experienced burglar uses also a cutting and hammering tool
RC 5 15 min Experienced burglar uses also electrical equipment
RC 6 20 min Experienced burglar uses also large-size electrical equipment

* N for the resistance classes RC1N and RC2N represents the respective "National Regulations", and this means that the required type of glass can be defined at national level


  • 42% of attempted break-ins are prevented by enhanced security systems
  • Right system usage has to be the top priority for users; a system's accessories can offer you security only if they are used correctly. An inclined window is still an open window for housebreakers, in terms of burglar resistance.
  • Doors and window handles that lock have to be locked ! Also, keys have to be removed, to avoid exploiting from the outside.
  • An RC2 classed window with a handle that locks and a security glass on the inside can be also useful for children safety.
  • For accessories resistant to break-ins, proper assembly, installation, and configuration should be performed with caution and precision for maximized results.
  • Ideally, ask for estimates about the expected security levels right from the design phase, and use tested and certified systems

It's important to mention that, even today, most frames are ranked with the RC1 or RC2 class. Rarely, systems with an RC3/RC4 class can be found. Security doors, on the other hand, provide higher security standards and are often ranked with an RC3/RC4 class. To ensure the security of your system, you should receive a certification, alongside with a performance statement, from a trusted organization (laboratory), which has conducted the necessary test to categorize the system according to one of the mentioned Resistance Classes .