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Glass Options

Glass Options

Many might think you only have to choose between single-pane, double-pane, or triple-pane glass when deciding which window style is right for your needs. But there are even more choices with focus on energy efficiency and high performance as well as aesthetics. Review this information to learn how different Low-E coatings, panes, and other enhancements affect the performance of your windows. Glazing is the main part of the total surface of a window, constituting averagely around 70% to 80% of its surface. Thus, its effect on energy efficiency, noise reduction and security is huge.

First of all, regarding security and noise reduction, you can choose among various laminated glasses, tempered glasses or glasses which combine both technologies (as for example car glasses). Moreover, you can choose between different glazing thicknesses among single, double or triple glazing panels, with thicknesses varying from 5mm up to 80 mm. The thicker the glass panel, the better noise and thermal insulation, as well as security you can get.

I addition, a special argon gas (non-toxic) can be infilled in double & triple glazing panels for enhanced thermal insulation. Note that a window system, according to its design, can take specific glass thicknesses. Thermally insulated aluminium systems, beside their enhanced thermal insulation due to special thermal break polyamides, can take most of the times thicker glass panels.

Finally, thanks to the advanced technology of glasses with special liquid crystals (PDLC - Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), the glass panels’ transparency can be adjusted according to your privacy or lighting needs.

Single-Pane Glass: Simple and Cost Efficient

Due to lower costs, single-pane windows are great for garages, tool-sheds, and other non-heated outbuildings. Also, when single-pane windows get broken, they are less expensive to repair as you only need one pane of glass. If energy efficiency is a concern, dual- or triple-pane glass options are a wiser choice.
Dual Pane Glass

Dual-Pane Glass: The New Standard

Double glazing consists of two glass panes which are joined together usually through an aluminium spacer or a warm-edge spacer (polyamide profile) and sealed around with a special glue. They offer significantly higher thermal insulation and sound insulation compared to single glazing in which only one glass pane is applied.

Double-Pane Energy Efficient Glass: Save energy & money thanks to the use of energy efficient double glazing.

Energy efficient double glazing, also known as low-emissivity glazing, is structured like conventional double-glazing, but has special glasses offering higher thermal insulation thanks to the insulation gas which is filled in between the two glass panes.
Specifically, it is composed of two glass panes which are joined together usually through an aluminium spacer or a warm-edge spacer (profile) and sealed around with a special glue. The first glass pane is a clear float glass, whilst the second one is specially processed by applying a low-emissivity layer (low-E Glass), which ensures high reflection of the sun’s infrared radiation and diminishes in that way infrared radiation transmittance in interior spaces. In addition, as mentioned above, the space between the two glass panes is filled with argon gas for enhanced thermal insulation.
So, through energy efficient double-glazing, lower thermal loses from the interior to the exterior environment of your house are possible. Moreover, the undesired heat during summer is reduced due to reduction of the intense sun radiation, thus ensuring better climatic conditions.

Triple-Pane Glass: Extreme Energy Efficiency

Triple-glazing incorporates three layers of glass so as to ensure very high thermal insulation, enhancing the energy efficiency of a building.
By applying Low-E coating in two glass surfaces, minimum heat is transferred into the house due to sun radiation, keeping your interior cooler during summer, especially in regions with high sunshine. Beside the exceptional thermal insulation, they also provide very high sound reduction, contributing significantly on better living conditions.
Triple Pane Glass