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Cleaning and maintenance instructions for Windows and Doors

However, it is not just the manufacturers who have obligations. Every buyer has obligations as regards the maintenance of their frames!


Maintenance Manual

The optimal and smooth functionality of ALUMIL systems depends on the correct and regular maintenance of all their parts, following the provided general guidelines.


Cleaning doors & windows

You should clean your door and window frames at least once a year.
If your home is near the sea or an industrial area, you will need to clean your frames more often. You should keep in mind not to damage the operation and appearance of your frames while cleaning them. Ideally, you should use a very soft cloth or sponge, lots of water and a mild cleaning product, such as dish soap.

Attention: Never use gardening hoses or high pressure cleaning equipment.

Surface protection

Take care of your frame’s impeccable appearance. In order for your frame to retain its initial flawless appearance, you must remove building materials that may have adhered to it during your home’s preparation, such as cement, plaster, etc.

Do not stick materials such as adhesive tape or other kinds of tape onto the aluminium profiles, as they might damage the paint.
If you notice traces of silicon or glue, use a little blue alcohol and a soft cloth or cotton to remove by rubbing gently. Don’t use materials with a rough surface, wires or powerful cleaning products to maintain the frames, as they will destroy their surface.


Accessories protection

On sliding doors, make sure the sliding guides do not come into contact with soil or various hard elements. Brushes should remain clean, free of rubbish or adhesives. With regard to the openings, for optimum waterproofing and durability, pay attention to the rubber and lubricate all moving parts of the frame with silicone spray once a year.