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Powder Coating

Powder coating


What is powder coating and why to choose it?

Powder coating is a process in which a film of decorative powder is laid on the aluminum surface to color it and protect it from external factors. This process takes part in three main steps:

a) Pretreatment, in which all undesirable agents are removed from the aluminum surface, rendering them ready to be dyed

b) Dying, in which colored power is sprayed on the profiles with the use of electrostatic guns.

c) Curing, during which the powder is polymerized and stabilized on the surface of the profile.

Powder coating is the most popular surface treatment available, as it provides:

  • Unlimited aesthetics options: the powder coating pallet is practically endless
    • Coloring: almost all combinations of color and gloss are available
    • Texture: powders come with either smooth or textured surface
  • Color Stability: powders are categorized in two basic categories in terms of color and gloss degradation due to sun’s radiation, Class 1 and Class 2, with the second one being 3-5 times more resistant.
  • Durability: the texture of the powder diversifies its resistance in scratching and therefore the profiles handling and everyday use.
    Textured colors are way more resistant in that aspect, while smooth colors are more vulnerable.
    Note: Please check Preanodizing section to explore new possibilities
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simple rinsing or mild soap and water cleaning will restore a powder coated surface to its original appearance

Certified Quality

Powder coating of aluminum profiles is a well know coloring practice for decades. However, this does not ensure that any applicator can achieve a high quality final product.

Alumil's production lines are certified according to internationally recognized certificates GSB, Qualicoat and Seaside Class, ensuring to adopt and implement only the best procedures and practices available, so as to offer top quality products and services.

Moreover, Alumil production lines run a green management system that eliminates toxic substances (powders, chemicals) and reduce of water consumption, being fully consistent with current environmental legislation.


What options are available? Alumil Powder Coating Guide

As mentioned above, powder coating options are almost unlimited. In this respect, Alumil will service any given powder requested but at the same time has formed a pallet of colors that represents its aesthetics and meets the most popular coloring and durability needs.

Alumil highly recommends super durable powders (Qualicoat Class 2) for both residential and commercial applications, as they upscale the value of our systems, providing long lasting color preservation and unique aesthetics.

Super Durable Palette (Class 2):



Standard Durability Palette (Class 1):