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What is sublimation and why to choose it?

Sublimation is a dying practice to combine the aesthetics of wood or other materials as concrete or copper with aluminum profiles. The production process is the same as the one of powder coatings with one extra step, the addition of a colored foil on top of the profiles after dying and before curing. This foil is responsible for the pattern created on the aluminum profiles, resulting in unique aesthetics.

  • Aesthetics: Unique aesthetics that is often required in traditional settlements and applications in the countryside
  • Color Stability: all options of the new Alumil sublimation color guide options use Superdurable Class 2 powders as a base. Therefore, color and gloss degradation due to sun’s radiation is minimum
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simple rinsing or mild soap and water cleaning will restore a sublimated surface to its original appearance

Certified Quality

Alumil, always aiming to provide the best services and quality available, is certified for sublimation in addition to the certifications for powder coating.


What options are available? Alumil Sublimation Guide

Being well aware of the markets’ needs for superior quality, Alumil has developed a sublimation colour guide based on superdurable (Class 2 – D2525) base coatings, offering an unmatched combination of classical aesthetics and enhanced durability. The palter consists of twenty one (21) options. Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Nussbaum and more are presented in various versions to meet any aesthetic requirement

An indicative representation of the available options can be found in the following Color Guide.

sublimation_color guide

We strongly propose you visit one of our networks’ showrooms to get to feel the real color and texture of the solutions we offer.